the weekend update

Last week's sickness was probably just the stomach flu.

Dialysis proceeding as normal. The equipment and supplies scattered throughout the house. Seems to be doing it's job because it is changing everything:

#1 change is appetite. Bruce gets super hungry but can only eat small amount then 20 min later hungry again. And when he gets hungry it's panic mode. He wants only very particular things too or he's likely to puke.

#2 change is potassium. On lab work last week potassium was very low. It has been super high for months. He was taking medicine to help with that so now he's off the medicine and supposed to eat potassium food again. And is also supposed to eat more protein. Everything is the opposite of what is what a few months ago. Just enough to make me a little more crazy.

# blood pressure. Blood pressure has been dropping too low so he has to monitor it and know whether to take the medicine during the day or not. Does he do this? not always.

One minute he's fine, the next he's laying down about to pass out, shivering cold.

So overall update:
energy level= up 15%
attitude= up 10%
appetite= psychotic

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  1. oh my.. your blog scares me for what is in store for us... i'll bookmark it and come back though.
    if you click on my screen name, there will not be a blogger profile.. i used to blog but stopped when i started teaching. i just may very well open it back up and devote it to my hubby's pkd battle.