i <3 Target

I went to pick up the latest meds...5 in all for this weeks re-up. And one of them- a vitamin Hectoral was $94.00 for 30. What happened to the max. $60 co-pay? well there are certain classes of drugs that don't fall in the normal category. Hectoral is a synthetic form of Vitamin D that helps with hyperparathyroidism that occurs in kidney failure. As far as we know there is no substitute for this and it's important to help prevent more bone loss. As I posted before, he fractured his foot without even knowing it last year. Bruce will check with Dr. on Tuesday about any kind of help with this.

While I have a look of shock and contemplate not even buying it, the pharmacists and assistants ,which know our family by name now, try to have sympathy. They gave me a $10 gift card to use for the grocery purchases I was making. I don't think that's a normal thing they do but they have to realize we spend a minimum of $1000.00 a month there including the medicines. So it was nice of them. They ALWAYS have patience when I show up with questions every single time.

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