week in review

Last week was first visit with the"team". Bruce's nephrologist is very unique. Something I need to describe later when I'm not so tired from watching 80 boys ages 7-11 try out for baseball. Anyway, the "team" is the nephrologist, the nurse in charge of his dialysis, a social worker, and a dietitian. They go over the current blood work and see how the dialysis is working. They ask him how he feels and Bruce gets to talk to them for very long time about everything.

They saw in the lab work that the dialysis is working a little so far. The dr. seemed to push the nurse to get the nighttime machine here quicker because he acted like that would do a better job.

The lab work shows his levels changing which makes some of the medicine he is on not needed and actually making things worse. So the meds changed a lot....Target here we come! They gave him a shot to help his hemoglobin because apparently he is going to become even more anemic than he is now. He started the vitamin again for the bone loss because the parathyroid is high again and he started taking fish oil for cholesterol.

His energy is about the same. I don't see that much change. I guess he was REALLY bad before to the point I wanted to take him to the E.R. , so yes there is slight improvement but he seems pretty much sick all the time. Its just up and down for sure. He has a few good hours a day.

We went to Boca Grande to enjoy the beach and lunch on my mom's birthday and he was so tired he could hardly hold his eyes open. On side note: Boca Grande has a beautiful old florida atmosphere. But it is sort of like the Hamptons if you know what I mean. The old architecture and landscaping is fabulous though.

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  1. Sorry for scaring. But more information you have the better. There are things we could have avoided knowing what we know now. Being on top of all the lab work and what it means and how you can work to help your husband feel better is the best thing I can think of doing. Find great doctors you can trust and even better surgeons. Find a pharmacy that is pleasant to deal with too!