Running in the family

Yesterday we were informed Bruce's brother, Sean, found out that he had a stress fracture in 2 places on his foot.

The significance of that fact is that Bruce has the same thing happen. He thought he had gout, bad shoes, sprains, etc. Finally got xray and he wore a boot, it healed then it happened all over again. When he finally started seeing the good Nephrologist, he checked his blood work and said it was because of the kidney function. People with Kidney failure start to have bone loss because their body is being robbed of calcium.

There are drugs Bruce has been taking to help prevent further loss and his foot has been fine for at least 6 months. Sean is not on a transplant list because his kidney function is still too high, but he has a lot more pain from the size of the kidneys than Bruce ever has.


  1. Dear Hoeflings; I read where Mrs. Hoefling wrote, "My husband has PKD...I could not find much information about it and there is SO much to learn and deal with!" Indeed, PKD is no picnic, but without question - the field of PKD research and clinical care is the most promising, most progressive in the entire kidney field. Currently 17+ clinical drug trials (in humans) are testing the efficacy of therapies to treat PKD; no other field comes close.

    With regard to the comment, "I could not find much information about it..." - www.pkdcure.org has an extensive, thorough (800 pages - deep) repository of virtually ALL that is now known about PKD and what is being done to conquer this disease - which is one of the top 2 or 3 most prevalent life-threatening genetic diseases known to man. If we can be of service, please don't hesitate to contact us. Dan Larson; President & CEO; PKD Foundation.

    PS We have a PKD Foundation partner in Canada; contact information is on our website www.pkdcure.org

  2. I go to that site all the time and have for many years. thanks for mentioning. I just felt that the process of what we were getting ready to deal with is hard to find information about. It takes a lot of time... some sites are better about explaining diets, others about dialysis and our doctor is telling me things that I have to search very hard to find info on. I will post the PKD site to my list though.

  3. I saw your posting on Craigslist and checked out the blog. I forwarded the posting to the local NBC station. I don't know if it would help but I figured if you posted on Craigslist than maybe more exposure would help you. Nancy Alvarez contacted me and said she could not reach you, so I wanted to give you her number so you can decide how you wanted to proceed.
    Nancy Alvarez
    239-939-2020 (ext. 350)