The Baxter Boxes Arrive

I'm glad I was prepared because its not as bad as I thought. BUT this is only a few weeks worth. When he goes on the machine at night, they will deliver twice as much. I know it's only boxes but its the reality of how many times he has to do this and for how long... and that is the depressing part. I found a good site w forums and one written by a wife about this same subject. http://ihatedialysis.com/forum/index.php?topic=6782.msg99685#msg99685

They didn't give him any tape though and he goes through that like crazy. One package is 2.50 at Target. And I think with our $5000.00 deductible we are going to be paying again, he should get some stinkin tape.

These are some funny buttons for sale on that web site: (funny to me at least) Gotta laugh about something.

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  1. we did actually get even MORE boxes the next day. I feel like we have a mini hospital.