To remove or not to remove

The PKD kidneys have GOT to go! But if he has surgery to take them out before he gets a donated kidney, it seems like it will be so much worse. We cannot get a surgeon to agree that if a kidney becomes available and we show up in Tampa, they will take out the old ones while putting in the new one. Apparently it is a longer surgery, the donated kidney is sitting and waiting longer to be put in body, and its hard on everyone. Bruce's Dr. says "it's up to the surgeon's discretion".

The other option is for him to go on Hemodialysis (which we both do not want) and have the surgery to get the kidneys out. It is at least a month to recover and very hard on your body- worse than the transplant surgery. Then he lives on Hemodialysis alone which will pretty much put him in bed and at the dialysis center for months... not what he wants.

So he is hoping that some poor person who dies is a match and all the work is done in one surgery with one recovery and all goes well!

I saw some pictures on a facebook group of large PKD kidneys that were taken out and I have to say I was disgusted but amazed! It is larger than any baby. And to think there are 2 of them! holy sh#@!

The photos are in this group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2229039880 WARNING: do not look if this stuff makes you wanna pass out.

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