OUT of the hospital

If you haven't already heard, Bruce was released from the hospital yesterday (Friday). They thought about keeping him another day but Gasparilla was taking over the Tampa Bay on Saturday and they knew how hard it would be to get in and out of the area with traffic and people that have been drinking since 10am. He has to return to the hospital on Sunday morning for blood work and then the doctors will adjust medicine if needed. If his numbers look worse, they could possibly re-admit him. His creatin was 9.6 on Thursday and then 8.6 on Friday so its making the progress they wanted to see. Still long way to go to get to 1. By then he should be feeling 100%. He already feels amazing compared to how he has felt for the past year. I can tell by just seeing his face that he is healthier.

He will be staying with his parents in Tarpon Springs for now. It is quite a drive to Lifelink in Tampa but still better than driving from here which is 2 hours. I cannot take the time off work to drive him back and forth 3 times a week. That will be the schedule for awhile, then the visits will reduce down as he starts to get the right balance of meds. We will still try to get them to let him start to be under the care of his local Nephrologist Dr. Russo as soon as possible so we can avoid the drive. Dr. Russo called me a week after Bruce was in hospital to check on him and I told him about the second surgery. His office called Bruce after that to check up on him, which I think is so great that they take the time to check up on him. The social worker from Lifelink said it was not very common for them to let patient be under care of different nephrologist but if they had a relationship with the particular doctor and knew he was experienced in after care of transplants, then maybe... I know he has plenty of experience so I am hoping it works out.

My parents and I are taking Beck and Roan for a visit tomorrow. They are both excited to see him and keep talking about when he gets to come home. Baseball practice starts next week and this is Roan's first year in Tball. It is going to be SO much fun to watch.

Today Bruce is very tired but it could be just the first day home from the hospital. He never slept there unless they gave him a xanax and then Restoral a few hours later. And even then they have him up by 6am taking blood. His blood pressure is down to a normal to low range. I'm guessing he may need to go off some of the blood pressure medicines as kidney starts working more. He has to take an enormous amount of pills a day. He took 23 this morning. We knew to expect that but its still a little shocking. His medicines and dosages will change a lot in the beginning but the prescriptions he left hospital with right now total $4000 a month. With United Health Care and Medicare our cost is $333.00 a month. Insane. Thank goodness for medicare.

I'm trying to figure out WHO our little pool boy angel is? Someone cleaned our pool while we were gone because the bottom and sides were green when we left and now it is crystal clear. If you did it, thank you! I feel like the house is falling apart around me since we have had no time or money in the past year to do anything to it.

Ken got the approval to go back to work now. He says he's feeling much better when he visited with Bruce on Thursday. Not only did he give him a whole new life, he is a great inspiration to Bruce because he has such a great attitude. I hope we all get to visit soon so the kids can meet him and his mother. It's still a strange thought to me that we may actually get to travel again.

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  1. A lot of folks use www.MyMedSchedule.com to keep track of pills--I work for them--but it is great and helpful and free. Even has pictures of the pills and checklists you can print.

    Bruce--I wish you the very best. Donna