Day 5- back to the OR

Things took a new turn today. The head Nephrologist said he was worried about Bruce's creatin level not rising and wanted to go back in (do surgery) and see what was wrong. Bruce panicked of course because we were just told an hour before that from a transplant surgeon that everything looked good on the 2nd ultrasound and they weren't worried. The surgeons and nephrologists all met and decided to do a test where dye was inserted into the main vein of the kidney and pictures taken to see if there was good flow in the vein. They took him to do that and immediately knew from the images that they were going to surgery. It was not a blocked vein, but the vein did not have the right flow and it seemed like something was maybe impairing it. So off to surgery he went- STAT.

He left the room at 6:30. It's 11pm now and I haven't heard a word. The surgery was supposed to start very soon because they were waiting for him. It was supposed to only be about 2 hours, so this is talking much longer and I am worried. The surgeon is supposed to come talk to me in waiting room as soon as he's done.

For everyone texting wanting to know what has happened, I am going to post this for now and hope I have better news soon. I might be staying at hospital tonight.


  1. Praying everything is OK! Just walked in from hell day at work today to see this. Hope by now he's out and everything went well--this sounds very scary and no info makes you imagine the worst. XOXO

  2. All my prayers are with you and with Bruce. I know the situation is scary and difficult. Keep yourself nourished and as rested as possible. Your own strength is vital.