Transplant Update- from yesterday

Both patients doing well. Ken went into surgery around 7:30 and was done about 11:15. We got to hospital at 6am and Bruce was taken to surgery around 10:30. Ken's surgeon updated us when his surgery was complete. He said it all went well (it was laproscopic) and he had a big healthy kidney. Ken woke up in lots of pain but we visited him after he was sent to regular room and he was doing a little better. Bruce's surgery was about 3 hours long and he was out of surgery around 2. His surgeon said that it went totally normal and the kidney was already making urine halfway through the surgery and continued to after he was out.

Bruce got to regular room- no ICU- yay! around 10pm. The nurses have been very attentive and informative. They are taking blood every 6 hours and to monitor all kidney function. Everything seems to be going as expected. He is on a lot of medication including anti-rejection drugs. He is allowed liquid diet today and seems to be handling it well. The biggest problem for him and Ken is the pain. Both of them are complaining the medicine is not working. I think they are switching Ken's from morphine to something else. Ken will be getting up to walk a little today but they wont try that with Bruce until tomorrow.

I believe he looks really good compared to the last surgery and especially after the seizure and the bleeding to death incident. All things feel really positive right now and I hope it continues down this road.

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  1. Great news, THANKS for keeping up! Thinking of both of you.