transplant day 2

Yesterday was up and down for Bruce. The head Nephrologist was there again and said his creatin is slowly coming down, so they will just see what it is tomorrow and hope it continues. If it doesn't go down, they may do an ultrasound to check things out. His urine output is supposed to eventually have no blood in it and this morning it got more red so they started a drip of a solution that irrigates in the catheter to prevent any blood clots. He said it was not abnormal. Later in the day Bruce had some intense pain and it turned out the catheter tube was blocked where there is a connection. They flushed it out several times and he was better. They started a second anti-rejection drug mid-day. Throughout the day his blood pressure started rising. The anti-rejection drug can also contribute to that so they changed BP medicine. Then he started getting the massive headache like he has had before. The BP did not get better, it actually got worse so about 8pm they upped the dosage of the BP meds. I believe he is now on 2 of them. (maybe 3?) They had to give him tylenol and benadryl before they started the 2nd anti-rejection drug. It all gets to be confusing when they come in with so many things. And his nurse has a Russian accent so I rarely understand the pronunciation of the medicines so I look at the labels and peek at the chart.

He has no appetite and is only taking small bites of food all day. Ken also has no appetite and has barely eaten anything. Both of them still have the bad bloating gas pains. For Bruce it only gets better by getting up and moving around. Tonight getting up made his blood pressure go way up and when he sat back down he was nauseous and threw up a little. But he quickly recovered and took some BP med and ate a little. Right now he's feeling very frustrated because he can't ever feel stable- it's one thing after another. He's just miserable most of the time. All of these issues should resolve as the kidney starts to work more then the BP should get itself under control. As he moves around more and gets an appetite, his stomach will settle. The doctors all think he's doing well and tomorrow's creatin level should be better. He did get up 3 times and was doing very well with that. It's a shame there has to be other issues making him feeling so rough that he can't be positive yet.

Ken could possibly leave tomorrow if they see his blood is ok and he doesn't have a fever. If not he may get an antibiotic or stay till monday. They didn't visit each other today because neither felt good for long not to mention that TGH is one huge hospital that is a maze to get through.

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  1. You hang in there girl - and let Kenny and Bruce know they have lots of folks rooting for them. I still think it is amazing that Kenny gave up his kidney. That's a pretty awesome guy. And Bruce will get better! It will just take time. But this nightmare is almost over. Hugs! Dawn