Post- surgery day

Both Ken and Bruce feeling very sore and bloated. Ken was able to get his pain medicine switched to Delotted and that made a difference for him. Bruce was on a low dose, so they upped the dose. But he only used it 2 times. The pump is there for his use every 10 min but he doesn't want to push it because he knows the side effects of the pain meds, but he kept complaining he was in so much pain. He's having his typical out of it and irritable reaction to the pain medicine. Later in the day he was much better without it.

The head Nephrologist from Lifelink came to see him. He said Bruce was doing very well. They did dialysis last night for 3 hrs. in middle of night because he had a high potassium reading. Today he said he didn't see need for anymore dialysis. His creatin is coming down slowly and all the other levels look good. He reduced the bloodwork to just once a day now. That means the kidney is WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!! yahooooo!

He told him it was ok to have pain and not feel like moving today but tomorrow they were getting him up. Later in the day the pain that was worse was GI abdominal pain. They gave him something like a mylanta. The pain made him want to get up and see if sitting up helped. He tried to get up and sit on the side of the bed, we got half way there but all the cords were pulling on him making him twist in a way that hurt the incision. He needed someone there who was a little more prepared to handle it I think. He wanted to go out on the other side of the bed. But the nurse couldn't get the cords to reach that far. He's got about 6 coming out of him in different places.

Meanwhile they brought him his first real food for dinner. Dr. ordered a "soft" diet. He ended up taking bites of different things but the bloating is keeping him from being too hungry. At least he's not throwing up like all the other times in the hospital.

I told him that he looked good and that if gas and pain from incision is the only problem he has right now then he should be so thankful. I know he can't remember the pure hell we went through the other times in the hospital, but I sure do, and so far this is a huge improvement. I told him I am so happy that everything is going so well. I don't think it has even sunk in with him yet. He said he's just overwhelmed and feeling like it's surreal (and he's still drugged). After they get him up and moving and his stomach settles, he's going to be really happy. He said there was always a pressure and weird feeling in his eyes and that is the first thing he has noticed has gone away. Ken called and they chatted a little, tomorrow Ken might be able to go in wheelchair to see him.

And another thing - everything has gone very smoothly at the hospital. You push the button and a nurse answers immediately and someone comes in right after that. Not like before in Ft. Myers where we could wait 15 min for a response to the button. Everyone who has entered the room knows their business. They don't look lost, confused, irritated, etc. When the Dr orders something it happens very quickly. I haven't had to ask for one darn thing! wow!


  1. Very glad to hear that. Why isn't Ken walking around (you said he needed a wheelchair)?

  2. Ken was sitting up today and they were supposed to have him walking tonight. But he couldn't walk to Bruce's room tomorrow because it is a VERY long way away, the hospital is huge.