Catching up

I've been slacking on posts, but it's good that nothing too "big" of importance has happened I suppose. We have both been super busy with work and children. I see I haven't posted since Jan. 31, since then Bruce has gotten MUCH better. He has had more energy than before, able to work a lot more and he can eat mostly whatever he wants to now. Making sure he gets enough potassium and protein is the only concern.

Last Dr. visit was Feb. 17th. The Dr. said his labs looked great. Meaning the dialysis is doing the job getting rid of the toxins. Only issue was that he had a hernia that is bulging out a little. It is at one of the surgery sites where the Laparoscopy was used to insert catheter. It is not at the actual catheter site. It is not major issue but if it doesn't go down, they will have to do a surgery to put some patch there inside the skin. This could have happened from lifting things. He is not supposed to lift over 30lbs and I know he picked up Roan on occasions, so he has stopped that. (which of course means I do it even more now, killing my back)

One more issue was that he started retaining water again. The nurse told him to use a stronger bag (of the solution) at night and it should get rid of it. I don't think it's working so great.

He still is not living a "normal" life by any means, but he is not sick all the time. The night time cycle machine is supposed to make him feel much better but Medicare and United Health Care both screwed up and he was waiting to get it all settled before starting the machine because it is thousands of dollars. Medicare will not kick in until 6 months, for now it is secondary insurance to pick up extra costs. We will pay $300 a month for it. It is all very confusing. Luckily the Dr. office/kidney institute is making all the calls to get things settled.

The past 2 nights Bruce has gotten VERY tired again. The nurse gives him shots to help battle the anemia, so he is going to try to get one tomorrow if it is time for one? He is taking Iron and I bought a new brand, so maybe its not as good? who knows?


  1. oh boy... we have UHC too... still waiting to get the appointment scheduled with the surgeon.. the initial appointment.. the hold up is waiting for insurance to report back what is/isn't covered...

  2. good luck with that. Is it for the catheter surgery?