Sodium up and down

Bruce took a new diuretic to reduce the fluid retention and it made his blood pressure plummet for 2 days. He went to his second day of training on nighttime machine at the kidney center and was unable to do it because he almost passed out and couldn't stand. They gave him bag of potato chips and he seemed better so he came home and stayed in bed all day. The next day was up and down. He finally got back to normal on Sunday and started back on his regular blood pressure medicine.

It's all just wacky when a week before he was way high in sodium and his blood pressure was through the roof- then its the opposite. Such little things can make drastic changes.

He's still feeling uncomfortable, tired, weak, and has to lay down. He only missed a little work last week but other than work and going to church, he can't do much of anything.

He DID start the weed eater and trimmed one area of our yard so our house doesn't look like it was abandoned. But then he had to take a nap after that. I got my parents weed eater which is much more manageable for me so I should be able to use that better than his over-priced top of the line industrial strength gas one.

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