dr. visit

We saw Nephrologist on March 17th. All blood test levels were good, very good he said. But Bruce gained tons of water weight and was miserable. They told him to watch sodium content in food more and to do 2 bags a day of the higher solution. Which means 3 liters of liquid floating around in his body all day instead of 2. This was supposed to get the excess water out of his system better. They gave him a new diuretic also.

Dr. Russo and the nurse (I forget her name because Bruce has nicknamed her Mrs. Claus because he thinks she looks and acts like her) said that he needed to get on the nighttime machine and he would do much better. They planned for the training on that and switched the orders from Baxter for machine bags.

Basically they thought he was doing well until we told him that he was feeling worse. He had one good month in Feb but all of March has been very bad.

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