One week since surgery #2

Last Tuesday evening / Wed morning was the second surgery. I'm happy to write that the past 2 days there has been lots of improvements. Overall Bruce feels SO much better. No matter what the tests are showing, his attitude has been nothing but positive and he's finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Actual talk with the doctors about being released has stopped some of the worrying that he's going to end up back in surgery or worse. He hasn't had to do dialysis since Sunday. His output is great and he has lost tons of the water weight all on his own without dialysis. The creatin has not come down yet - it was a 10 today. The doctors want to see a pattern of it going down and all other blood work looking good, then they will let him go home. So that could possibly be Friday or Saturday if creatin starts to go down tomorrow. The wonderful new kidney seems to be doing it's job.

Ken and Bruce talk pretty much everyday now that Bruce is feeling better. Ken is still recovering at home in Orlando. He continues to have quite a bit of pain. He feels like something has hit him very hard in the lower back. This really was a rough recovery for him but I believe that is normal because it is known to be pretty hard on the donor. His mother has been taking care of him. So I am grateful to them both for uprooting their lives to give this unbelievable gift to Bruce. Everyday Bruce realizes a little more what he has been given and the feelings are very overwhelming. Ken has his check up at Lifelink tomorrow and he is going to visit Bruce at the hospital. I will find out more about how Ken is feeling then.

I'm home now...glad to be back with the boys. They are missing Bruce like crazy so I am trying to find a way for us to visit this weekend. Beck has asked me about it over and over so I know it's really bothering him.


  1. Allen from Haywood here . . . SO glad for the news of his improvements! Tell Bruce Allen says HOWDY!!

  2. Amy, Garett had to be 12 to see Sean pre-op on the transplant and the lady asked me and I said "today he's 12" and marched right on up! Not like we carry a birth certificate with us. I hope you are able to get him in. You likely won't be able to do that with Roan though.

  3. Glad he's feeling so much better. I'm sure the creatinine will come down here soon since it sounds like it's functioning better. I doubt we'll be able to get anywhere near the hospital b/c of Gasparilla this Sat. but we may try to go see him on Sunday. Glad you got home OK. Hope Luna is happy too.