More of the same waiting game

Saturday was good, we had lots of visitors and Bruce felt well and looked much better. Then Sunday morning he was miserable again. He got even more swollen and felt nauseous. The creatin went up to 11 so they sent him for dialysis for 3.5 hours. He was very discouraged, worried that he will have to go on dialysis again, kidney won't ever work, etc....When he came back from dialysis, he felt better, had some dinner and was more relaxed.

Today was a pretty good day. The doctor team consensus today is that it is a "sleepy kidney". They did a contrast renal scan to see more detail than an ultrasound and this confirmed that the kidney is working but needs time to wake up. He was told that first his urine output will increase then the creatin will start to drop. Today he has increased his output by probably double since yesterday so that is ONE hopeful sign. We got to push him outside in a wheelchair and hang out with our friends in the sunshine. Actually the doctor ordered him to go outside because they can see that he is going stir crazy being here so long and worrying.

news flash from nurse: renal scan report said "excellent flow to the kidney"

He is over his normal weight by 30 lb.!!!!! So he is holding a lot of fluid, but doctors are hopeful that the kidney will start to wake up and get rid of it. If the morning blood work shows his creatin went up then he will probably get dialysis tomorrow. It's not a bad thing it can just set back the blood work to not be accurate of what the kidney alone is doing so it prolongs this hospital stay even longer. So if tomorrow the creatin is lower than 8.1 then there is progress happening! If it is higher then he will get dialysis and have to wait 2 more days to get accurate blood results. That would be Thursday.

So I have decided after much distress to go home tomorrow. Hopefully I can come back on Friday. I am torn as to where I need to be right now and I hate to leave without actual evidence that he is on the track to go home. Also I will be leaving the super deal I have at the hotel. Someone decided to cut my already discounted hospital rate in half. I don't know who so I can't ask the right person- if I need to come back will they give me that again? I doubt that but it was an incredible gesture by someone there. Bruce obviously doesn't want me to leave until he's out of here, but he said he wanted it to be when his creatin started to get better. I hope tomorrow morning the tests show better results.

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  1. It's so hard not to be able to clone yourself and be all things to everyone all the time, but honestly, Amy, you must take some care of yourself or you won't be able to there for anyone. A break at home will help you to re-charge and it's probably best to do it while Bruce is in this "in-between" phase and has plenty of nurses to meet his physical needs. You will have much on your hands when he first comes home so take a little time to put yourself back together and get away from the hospital setting if only for a while. All that can be done at this point has been done and only time will tell if this kidney is going to wake up and do a great job.Focus on the good news, the blood flow is now great and thus far no new complications, hooray. Remember, the tortoise won the race.