Hope is in the air!

My cousin, who is a match for Bruce, called Lifelink in Tampa to get her next round of medical tests done and was told she had to wait because someone else was getting their second round of testing. This was total shock to me! About the same time, Bruce got a call from an old friend who told him that is was him and he's scheduled to start testing on Friday. We had heard months ago that he was interested in calling about being a donor but that is all we knew. Lots of people have said that and we never know whether they get tested or not because Lifelink will not tell us anything, only the donor can give us information. They will also not test 2 people at the same time because of the costs involved.

We had both given up on a live donor and now all of a sudden he has 2 possibilities. Hard to wrap my mind around it yet. It comes at such an important time too- after dealing with the seizure, now the aftermath and worrying about what else can happen to him before he finally gets a transplant. He is obviously having a hard time with no kidneys and hemodialysis. Even though many people can live a pretty normal life that way for many years, he is just not having good luck with it. Having a live donor in the near future would really be a miracle.

I don't want to say much more about the donors because nothing is a done deal yet but I am just in awe of both of them for taking this so serious and going this far to give Bruce a kidney. I am forever grateful no matter what happens.


  1. Praying, praying and more praying for you! Glad you have a glimmer of hope after such a dark time.

  2. prayers are being answered... awesome to hear you have 2 potential donors after you had given up hope! i'll continue to pray that someone works out for you!!!!!!
    i have no new news so i haven't updated.