Bruce is home

That's about all that matters. No more running to the hospital to battle the process of our screwed up health care system. He was released to go by doctors before noon and I picked him up at 7:15pm. He sat there for 7 hours doing nothing, getting nothing, just taking up a room while they got the paperwork together for him to leave. We have been through this recently 2 other times and I know it can be done in minutes not hours. And of course like last time, the doctor wrote a prescription wrong. So we have to call back and deal with that tomorrow. It is an important medicine (the new blood pressure one) and he needs to know how much to take and when. The discharge papers say 6 a day and the prescription says 2. That's a life or death difference. No wonder they are threatened by law suits.

He will go to the dialysis center tomorrow night but can't get in to see his Nephrologist until monday because he is gone tomorrow. He also needs immediate follow up with a Neurologist to get approval to drive and I have a great one but he is on call at hospital next week so he can't see him until the next Monday. Which means he will need to be driven next week to dialysis and work from home. Bruce needs a week to recover anyway but the no driving part will put me under great strain for yet another week.


  1. Glad Bruce is home. There is no acceptable excuse for Dr. not being immediately available to clarify dosage of BP med, espec since elevated BP may have caused the seizure in the first place. No matter where he is, Drs have blackberrys too and can respond even from vacation.
    Just a thought about driving this week or so, used to be an organization (FISH?)that was volunteer group who drove folks to dr appts etc. Does the Kidney foundation do anything like this, or does Charlotte County provide transit service (to your door) for the disabled if you call ahead and schedule (some counties have this service).

  2. Thank goodness he's home! So is he sleeping yet? I wouldn't discount that as a contributing factor to his seizure...

  3. See if your church has people to help transport him too. It might help.

  4. I am a new reader of your blogs, You are a true angel to your husband! I want to help in any way I can. I am a medical Student in Fort Myers, Fl. And involved in my schools Allied Health Club. I shared your story with my club and if we can help in anyway, please let us know. My e-mail is Princessbeck143@yahoo.com

    I will keep you and you family in my thoughts and prayers!

    Hugs to you,

  5. Amy-take Becki up on her offer!

  6. We tried to find transportation to and from dialysis but the problem is that his time is from 5-9 and he's not done until 9:30 sometimes and no one does it late at night. He can't switch the time easily and needs to keep that time in future for when he is working. If they have openings during the day, they can work him in and that helps me. My kids go to bed by 8:30 so it's become problematic. My dad is taking care of it this week and hopefully next week Bruce can drive again.