Quick update on Bruce

He was taken by ambulance from work yesterday morning to the ER. He started hallucinating and then went into a seizure. He was thrashing around and fighting the whole way apparently. I got to the ER and fought my way to get to see him because he was so out of control they did not want me there but I told them I needed to tell them his medical history and that he has not slept in weeks and taken ambien. Once I got to ER room, doctor told me Bruce came out of the seizure and was alert to speak to him about medications and medical conditions, then he had another Grand Mal seizure. When I got there he was coming out of that one. He was thrashing about everywhere and breathing very heavy, unable to speak or follow any instructions. They had to sedate him and needed to put him on a breathing machine because his oxygen levels were getting too low.

He was moved to ICU yesterday afternoon. There is nothing in blood work to indicate this happened because of his renal failure or dialysis related. Cat scan and EEG or brain were both normal. There is no apparent signs he is having more seizures but they are giving him anti-seizure meds i think 2 times a day. He is on a ventilator giving him oxygen same GI tube as when he had surgery before- both going into his mouth. He has been given non-stop medication to knock him out. One is Propofol (the "Michael Jackson drug") and then 2 others on top of that. His hands have been restrained this whole time. But despite all that, he can still wake up and pull and kick and strain himself. He's probably just trying to get the tubes out but it's a scary scene that usually lasts for a minute at most then he passes out. His eyes have some issues where he can't shut them all the way but eye doctor today said so far, doesn't look like there is damage from seizures. He got dialysis yesterday. And will get it tomorrow after they take him for a MRI or brain and CT scan of abdomen (just to make sure no stomach issues).

The general look of every doctor is a shaking of the head- NO ONE knows why this would happen or if it will continue to happen. Right now he cannot breath well enough on his own to be able to get rid of tube. But if he has tube in, then he has to be heavily medicated (knocked out). They did take the oxygen from 100% to 50% today and he tolerated it OK. That is about the only progress that has happened. Other than ruling out many reasons for seizures.

I think he knows I'm there and a couple of times I have gotten him to nod at me when I asked him something. Overnight the plan was to leave him alone, not to do bath or unnecessary poking around so he could just sleep in peace without the trashing. Then tomorrow see if they can reduce the oxygen some more to get him closer to breathing on his own. It's extremely scary to see him in such a state.

I will probably have more info tomorrow since more will be happening by then.


  1. Amy, you and Bruce continue to inspire me. i hope the right combinations of medical practice and spiritual answers grant you both the peace you have so evidently earned.

    -phil bowman

  2. Amy, if I understand what you have described correctly, Bruce is on a ventilator? If so it is a perfectly normal reaction to try to pull the tube out if he "wakes up". This is why they put people "under" (thus the propofol) when they are on a ventilator. Have his drs considered the epogen as a potential cause for the seizures? There are recent studies out showing an incidence of seizures related to these drugs. This are fairly new studies and they are not sure why this happens.This must be overwhelming for both of you. Do not hesitate to continue to confront the drs and others from "officialdom" when you have questions and needs that should be addressed.

  3. Thank you for the info on Epogen. I looked it up and will be bringing that up tomorrow.