United Health Care and Lee Memorial Hospitals

Apparently they are having trouble coming to an agreement, so all of the hospitals in our area could drop our insurance - united health care.

We already have to go to Tampa Lifelink for the transplant, but this would effect our whole family if we had an emergency we would have to drive 30 min to a hospital. I think they will have to come to an agreement, but it's just something more to add to the reasons to be frustrated with the health care in general. Bruce's hospital stay was a total nightmare.


  1. How is Bruce doing today? Has his energy come back?

  2. Hemoglobin still low- he's getting shots to try to bring it up but its going to take some time i guess.

  3. i can't remember if i previously posted this or not but we are with UHC too and our insurance has always been awesome with them.. we got screwed over this year by the hospital here because UHC dropped them and the hosp. didn't bother to tell us until i persisted as to why it was taking so long to get an appt... turns out we now have to go 2 hours away for my hubby's pretransplant appts and eventually for the appt.. the good thing, i found out, is UHC offers travel and lodging reimbursement as well as mileage for us.. so check with your UHC nurse case manager to see if you're eligible for it too.
    hugs to you.

  4. HR told Bruce this has been worked out, so one less thing to worry about. He will still go to Tampa for transplant but can do other surgery here.

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