post-hospital visit

We went to Kidney Institute to get Bruce's blood taken and talk about medicines and dialysis with nurse. This time it was Ana because Mrs. Claus is out of town. Dr. Russo made time between patients to come visit and he adjusted the dialysis temporarily for a few days. Bruce has to do one manual exchange during the day and they added an extra hour of dialysis on machine at night. They are trying to get the functions and levels back where they were before the bleeding. They will call us on Tues or Wed with blood results and then probably draw more blood and make more adjustments. He has stopped taking blood pressure medicine at this point- which has NEVER happened since I have known him. He has zero energy, he actually looks worse and feels worse than he did when he left hospital. He will not be back to work for at least a few more days.

We told Dr. Russo how we learned in the hospital that Peritoneal Dialysis was such a strange mystery to everyone - they did not know how to do it, they didn't have the machine or the supplies, they put him on the wrong diet, etc. He said that Bruce should have had a dialysis specialist there working with him the whole time, which did not happen. One person came once in the beginning and had no idea how it all worked. Russo was pretty mad about it so he said he was going to call the head of dialysis at that hospital immediately. Russo is part of the Naples Hospital and that is about 30 min from here so Bruce was taken to one of the Fort Myers Hospitals (Gulf Coast Hospital which is part of Lee Memorial Hospital). Russo was not allowed to consult or be a part of the care while Bruce was there because he's Naples and this was Fort Myers. It was a brand new building, very nice, state of the art, but totally incapable of helping him with his dialysis. Sad, huh?


  1. Hang in there Bruce. I know all this is hard but it will get better. You are in good hands with Amy and the kids so let them be your focus. Call me when you are feeling better.

  2. Being an older retired nurse, am not surprised at the problems you experienced with the lack of knowledge and experience at the hospital. It seems all too common today. I would imagine Bruce's blood loss accounts for both his lack on need for blood pressure medicine and his lack of energy as well. When not enough blood volume, no way to carry the oxygen to the cells of all the organs and the brain. It's like trying to exercise hard while holding your breath. Be careful to watch for the BP to rise when blood volume returns to normal. Problem is the lag time from when BP med is started until you get a sustained blood level. Hopefully someone has already told you that normally one's BP is highest the first thing on arising in the morning (I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but it is what happens). Your best help in dealing with all this is knowledge. The more you know the better equipped you will be to handle whatever comes. Keeping you all in my prayers

  3. Hoefy,
    Hope your starting to feel better. Keep on smiling and having fun with your boys. When you get some free time give me a call. We're root-en for ya on the side lines!
    Scott & Karen

  4. thanks for all the comments and thoughts. we are taking it day by day and staying positive.

  5. I did not know that about BP in morning. I let him know. So far it is normal range for him. thanks.