Recommend PD machine

The freedom of only having dialysis at night is a miracle. I can't imagine the poor souls that go to hemodialysis 3 or 4 times a week and get stuck my a big needle and sit for 4 hours - then leave in bad shape sometimes. Our country is the only one that pushes for hemodialysis instead of PD (peritonieal dialysis). Doctors need to be more informed and need to present the options better to kidney patients. Bruce only got lucky by getting mad at the care of one doctor and switched to the only other nephrologist on our insurance list- who just happens to be the best nephrologist you could ask for. He knows all current research and tries for the not so common approach sometimes. He tells us the honest truth about the whole process.

Bruce has had much improvement overall in the past week. Here are some pics of the boxes of fluid and the cartridges that go into the machine every night.


  1. At least you have a little comedian in the family. He must keep you laughing & that is the best medicine!

  2. Geez louise, where do you store all this stuff???? Can it be in the garage or will heat ruin it? Ack!