4 days on machine

Bruce is a tad bit better. He calls in daily and gives nurse the results from the machine which tells them how it's working. One night the alarm went off because he kinked up the line somehow.

Nurse Diane (Mrs. Claus) says that it is working very well. She has made adjustments to it everyday by phone with Bruce trying to get it just right for him. Tomorrow will be the first day that he wakes up and has no fluid in him. She thought he needed it but the machine is doing better than expected so no dialysis will be going on during the day now. This could make a difference in the bloating I suppose but he is still swollen and retaining water. The main discomfort comes from the size of the kidneys pushing on everything. And he still has no energy.

Read the medicare book and found out that social worker was WRONG. We should be getting medicare payments on the dialysis immediately. I get to spend some more hours working this out on the phone.

NEW PROBLEM: Bruce will probably have a surgery for a hernia that appeared a month after catheter surgery. I thought it was from lifting when he shouldn't but now he remembers falling at a job site and thinks that did it. They are going to look at it again then send him on to the surgeon to see if it can be done without harming the catheter. It's always something.


  1. Any luck on a donor? You ought to post it on here. Then try kidneyquest.com This is what we lovingly call the idiots guide to find a donor. This is something we got sent in our quest to find a donor. People have been fabulous sending thoughts, prayers, helpful links like the one above and in some cases getting tested.

  2. What a great Easter picture. Hopefully, God was & is looking over your family with a plan for transplant soon.