Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Bruce came home for a few days over the weekend. The boys were thrilled of course. His Dad drove him home on Thursday which was really great for me to not have to drive. He gets very tired, irritable, then full of energy and overjoyed with happiness. He went outside for an hour from 9am-10am then felt like he got sunburned and was wiped out. About 5pm he starts getting the shakes very bad. Referred to as "tremor" under side effects of Prograf the anti-rejection medicine. The other issues are probably the steroids. He went to Lifelink today. His creatin is 1.6 (amazing!) He probably hasn't been that low in 10 years. They cut the steroids dosage in half and eventually he will not take them at all we hope. Doctor was very pleased with his progress. So overall things are lookin' good.

Ken is doing well. He still has some tenderness, the incisions have healed fast- only the larger one is more visible, and he is going out and getting back to normal. He wrote something that I want to share because I thought it was very relevant to his and Bruce's personalities for those of you who don't know them both:

"A word about being nice or considerate and bacon wrapped shrimp. The first time I ever met Bruce, I think I was 20 maybe, I got sick from bacon wrapped shrimp. The beers probably didn't help. I blew chunks, or as Bruce referred to it as "selling buicks" and felt like crap. Bruce offered me his bed to crash in till I felt better. Within two hours I was much better. That is the first thing that came to mind when I read about the PKD and his need for a kidney. As much of a cynic I was and still am, I understand, and believe, that the simplest acts of kindness go a long, long way. That was the worst and best bacon wrapped shrimp ever. Even the smallest things can be huge. Maybe that why they call it Jumbo Shrimp!"

:) thanks Ken

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  1. So are they hoping the tremors are from steriods? Or are they going to adjust his Prograf? I know they prefer this drug to the alternative, so will try to keep him on it and adjust other meds first. That's what they did with Sean's for the Potassium level though. Both Prograf and Bactrum have Potassium so they took him off the Bactrum and he uses something else-can't remember. I worked. Hang in there all-he'll be back to work in no time!