Hanging in there

I am so busy and don't see it ending soon. THANK YOU to the people giving Bruce rides to work and to dialysis or home from dialysis late at night. I don't know how I would make it without that help. Bruce is doing OK. It's up and down as usual. He always has something wrong...headache, back ache, leg aches, etc. No energy is the norm. I think he has a headache suddenly appear everyday. It has to be caused by something but doesn't seem to be the blood pressure. I tell him to tell Dr. and nurses but he tends to underplay everything and if I've learned anything from this terrible experience is that you have to take charge and over-emphasize everything or nothing will be done. I can't help but just be so fed up with all of it and feel like he is never going to have even a half-way normal existence until he gets a new kidney. I know he feels it even more and not being able to drive has made him even more depressed about his condition. Especially when everyone thinks he will not have another seizure but it's the law not to let him drive.

He was told he could take ibuprofen! so strange because since I've known Bruce he has never been able to take it because it harms the kidneys. He tried it for back pain and worked a little.

He sent in paper to be put back on UNOS list. We have not heard anything from Lifelink but the possible donor friend is having more tests next week and that should be the end of it and we will know answer right after that. Lifelink told him that the surgery could potentially be done end of Nov. but our Nephrologist said he would be lucky to get done by January. We are leaving all that up to donor. We are both willing to work with whatever he wants to do of course. It really isn't a reality that we even speak about or plan for because it means so much and would be such a miracle that it's hard to imagine.

I will post if I find out more about David Waddington's son on MSNBC. He is waiting to be personally interviewed by Keith O. but his own father is in kidney failure right now so he can't do the interview yet.


  1. I hope this works out for you guys!

  2. Hemo-D Blues: Leg cramps and low blood pressure during dialysis were my big issues. I'm a big guy, so controlling fluid intake was the biggest issue. The more fluid they have to remove to get to the dry weight, the rougher the process is on the body. I tried to eat and nap after treatment (I started at 5am) and then went to work around 1pm (I work retail.) Weakness and low blood pressure following treatment were issues, as was diet. Avoiding phosphorus is tough, but you feel better! The day in between was usually pretty good. It took me a good three or four months to figure out the drill.

    We've kind of given up on Mr.O, I think we're old news at this point!

  3. holy cow! i didn't realize you were that close with a donor... we are as well! just waiting to see if the donor 'passed' the glucose test she took. you're always in my thoughts and prayers!!!!