surgery detail

In icu now nothing to do but give ice chips when they allow it.no food or drinks until stomach has "woken up".

Yesterday we got here at 5am surgery started at 7:30 and ended at 11:30. I waited w both bruce's parents and my own. We were told sugery was only 2 hours so I got worried when it took so long but surgeon met w us after and said it all went well with no problems. We have photos of the kidneys which I need to find way to post on here where it is link to click on because I know most people can't handle seeing it. Had I not done so much internet searching on it, I would not be able to look at them. They said they weighed about 7 pounds each but when they weighed bruce last night he had lost over 30 pounds.

Last night was little rough because couldn't get blood pressure up. Still waiting to do dialysis because of that. He's very very out of it and has wires and tubes everywhere. He's dehydrated but can't let him drink and can't push fluids cause no kidneys and no dialysis to get rid of fluid. He has a huge bandage on incision but stomach bloat is gone! Its a major difference. I keep telling him how happy he's going to feel when he wakes up more. He is so loopy though, he asked me this morning and yesterday if they took the kidneys out yet! He has asked me if its raining 3 times and its not plus he couldn't hear it if it were. He has asked for drinks non stop and I feel bad I can't give him anything. I know they don't want him to get sick but its been a whole day now. They reduced the morphine last night to help get bp up and he doesn't seem in pain but he hasn't moved. They said they need to hear bowel sounds before they give food or drink so I think they need to wake him up and get him to sit up and get this going! Of course I'm sitting here giving orders again ;) but last night I can say we had an awesome nurse who really made all the difference. Icu was a total mad house and SO loud I left at 11:30 and came back at 6 and all is quiet now.

Will go home for nap- I hope and try to find way to hide/post the kidney photos.typing on blackberry now and I have to keep getting up for some alarm going off or bruce panicking.

Thanks to everyone sending msgs will post more when I can.


  1. All seems to gone very well. He will feel so much better having those huge kidneys out of his body. I am thinking of you both!!!
    Love, Amy

  2. I'm praying for bruce and all of you worried about him. thanks for the updates. stay strong Amy.

  3. Thanks for this blog so we can keep track of whats going on. Robert and I are thinking of you guys and hoping for the best. Hang in there!