4th of july

"Never think that God's delays are God's denials. Hold on; Hold fast; Hold out. Patience is genius."~ Georges Buffon

happy 4th!
One of Bruce's fav holidays because of one reason- loud fireworks. Inevitably he will burn holes in his clothes. Hope he has the energy to enjoy it this year. The kids are already going crazy. It's going to be one long day.


  1. FYI Bruce will be eligible for soc. security disability after his nephrectomy. If you haven't done so, apply ASAP because it takes 143 days to kick in. When he is able to continue working, it will then be rated as per the amount he earns. Don't hesitate to do this, you can do it all on line. Go to socialsecurity.gov & then go to the disability benefits link. It walks you through the whole thing. Every little bit helps. Good luck!

  2. If things have not changed, I think that the kids will also get benefits once Bruce is on disability. When my husband became disabled we still had one minor child and he received benefits as well. It is a real help in such situations.

  3. Did you apply for Medicare already? In my reading, it looks as if we don't qualify until later. What have you found out?

    I didn't realize the kids could get disability too. He's an odd question....do they need to be out of work to qualify? Sean's company may let him do some work from home, but I don't want this to mess up benefits we might get.

  4. We applied for medicare in Jan. Bruce was eligible because of dialysis. He got it immediately because he was trained for home dialysis. If he was going to the center to get hemo- he would not qualify for 3 months. From what i read, you will get it as soon as the transplant happens. But, you may get it as soon as the nephrectomy happens. Bruce went to the SS office and talked with someone who filled out the paperwork and then we get the bill in the mail and we pay for 3 months at a time.

    Once you have a date for surgery, you should go to office and try to appy then. They could put in the date it would start. At least all of the paperwork would be done.