Second Day of Training

Bruce did most of the process himself with a few mistakes but there are so many steps and precautions I can't even remember them all yet. The best part is he got 2 actual exchanges out of the training today so he got rid of lots of fluid and hopefully some toxins but the bad news is they will build up again in a day or so.

The next training is on Monday after Christmas. The nurse is going to start him "unofficially" on Tuesday (because of insurance he shouldn't start until January). I don't know if that means we move this whole process home at that point or what.

This is all manual exchanges- kind of like an I.V. In about 6 weeks they will train us on a machine that will do this for him while he sleeps. That will be SO much less work.

Bruce was supposed to wash catheter site and re-bandage it but has yet to accomplish that. He gets faint and thinks he's going to pass out. He still hasn't even looked at it. The nurse is scolding him. There are so many ways to get infections with the catheter so he has to get over the fear.

Maybe the little bit of dialysis today will make christmas better... looking forward to next week though.

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