First Dialysis Training

Went to the Kidney Institute today for first dialysis training. The nurse did one exchange in about 2 hours and it removed a little fluid. Tomorrow we go again and Bruce will need to practice it on a "dummy" apron/jacket thing. It seemed like there's about 50 steps but I know after awhile it will be routine. He refused to even look at most of it. He was shaking all over and about to pass out. But the nurse kept telling him he has to learn.

This is just training...the real dialysis would start next week after 2 more trainings, but we are holding off until Jan. 2 for the official one because of insurance. We are going to have to pay $5000.00 deductible this year for surgery and another next year for the dialysis. Apparently dialysis costs thousands of dollars a month.

Once he gets going on it, he should feel better. I was hoping for Christmas, but maybe a few more weeks!

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