Back to Normal?

That's what everyone wants to know. I have been hesitant to say that is the case. Probably because it has been such a long road of health problems for Bruce over the past 2 years. I feel like the rug is going to get pulled out from under us at any moment. I keep waiting for the next problem.

Bruce has been back to work for 2 whole weeks. It was not a slow process, he is working more hours and busier than ever before trying to catch up and make sales. I am working in the office now and busier than before also. We have hardly had the moment to enjoy his new found health. But we are slowly doing more "normal" activities and it has been lots of fun in the household lately. We can actually make plans! What a new concept! We are going to Disney at the end of April. Last year we were all supposed to go, but Bruce ended up staying home and then taken to the hospital. Roan got to enjoy Disney for the first time, but without Bruce. For a whole year, whenever we said something about Daddy getting a surgery or going to the doctor, Roan asked if he is better yet and if so, can he go to Disney? So this one is for Roan. And he is SUPER excited. I probably should have kept it a secret for awhile longer but I was so happy about it too that I blurted it out without thinking that I'm going to hear about it everyday until we go. He has already added that we must go to Tennessee to see Eldonna after we go to Disney.
It is great to not have to tell them we can't do something because of Bruce being sick.

Bruce has to go to Lifelink in a few weeks for another check-up. He gives blood once a week here and then calls a message service to see if he needs to change his medicine. He saw Dr. Russo here last week and will be under his care completely soon we hope. Medicines have not changed much yet, he still takes about 10 pills 2 times a day.

Bruce has been having very bad headaches. They end up ruining a whole day because he can sometimes have 2 or 3. He was taking Fiorcet which worked only some of the time. Dr. Russo thought it was a side effect of a blood pressure medicine so he switched him back to one he was on previously. He said it could take a few days to get out of his system but Bruce made it all day today without a bad headache so we are very hopeful this is finally taken care of. He still is on 5mg of steroids a day. Dr. Russo said that because of his need for that second surgery the hospital kept him on the steroids for longer than normal which means he will always have to take them. That is something he is not happy about but hopefully his body can adjust to them in time. He will get taken down to 2mg per day at some point. Steroids have some vicious side effects. He still eats much more than normal and always feels hungry. It has slowed down some since he first came home. I am back to cooking real meals again which makes me happy but also takes up lots of time. The doctor told Bruce he could not do any real exercise yet other than walking. The second surgery was much more extensive than a normal transplant because they had to rebuild the arteries/veins going into the kidney. So they want to be very cautious about everything still even though he has recovered a month before they predicted.

Baseball season is in full swing and we have both boys playing for the first time. It means the world to Bruce to be there for it all this time. Beck and Roan are both born to play.

If he can get the headaches under control, things will be much better. And if we can take a break from working so much that would help! More updates sooner than later I hope.